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If You Want to Sell Your House in Tupelo, We Have Options For You!

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MS Home Buyers is prepared to offer you several selling options. What works for one person, may not be right for someone else. Luckily, you have more than one way to sell. We want to run the numbers with you, so you can make a smart and well-informed decision when it comes to the sale of your Petal house.

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A direct sale is a popular choice for many people we work with. Often times, a direct sale gets a bad rap. But in some situations, it will actually make the most sense financially.

  • You won’t spend any time or money making repairs and upgrades to the home in order to sell it. We buy as-is.
  • We take care of all costs. You won’t have to pay any commissions, agent fees or closing costs. This can amount to THOUSANDS of dollars you can keep in your pocket!
  • We can close in only 9 days! This will END your financial obligation to property taxes, utilities, and homeowners insurance! The longer you hold on to a home, the more it will cost you!
  • We understand the local real estate market and will ONLY give offers that are 100% fair to you. If selling your home directly isn’t the best choice, we offer several alternate ways to help you sell! It all depends on YOUR situation!

So…What Situation Are You Facing? 

No matter what it is, we are ready to help! 

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We have helped homeowners who were dealing with foreclosure. By offering a quick sale, we are able to stop the banks and save your credit! We have helped others who needed to move quickly due to work or family issues. And others who were ready to upgrade or downsize, but didn’t want to deal with the costs and time limitations of listing. Extensive repairs, vacant homes, bad inheritances… we have seen it all, and we are ready to help you now!

In addition to a direct sale, we can also help you with other ways to get a great price for your home. These include:

  • Working with a top Petal agent, who will get you a great price for your home.
  • We can provide you with information about our lease-option program. This can be a surprisingly profitable option for many sellers.
  • Our owner financing program, which will eliminate the banks and their red-tape, putting you in control.

We will help you run ALL the numbers so you can decide what is right for you. We adhere to a strict no-hassle policy. We want you to make the decision that will best meet the needs of you and your family. We want to help you explore all of your options before you decide how to sell your Petal house. There is never any obligation when you submit your property information!

We are unlike anyone you have worked with before!

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MS Home Buyers is buying houses in Tupelo and in many areas of MS! Don’t rush into a listing until you find out how we can help you! There is never any hassle, risk or obligation! Our team is ready to help you make the best decision for your situation! Get in touch today to find out how we can help you!